Microsoft Build 2021 is over. 😭 It was a great event this year with a lot of awesome announcements, some of which will change how developers (both citizen and pro) build the solutions of the future. Amazing stuff. Build is one of those events that always makes me proud to be a Microsoft employee.

If you are looking for a few interesting sessions to go watch replays of, here are a few suggestions of ones I found most compelling. You can watch these any time, for free at

· Satya’s keynote summarized a lot and hit on the next major…

Well… uhm… at work! And training!

OK. It’s not an excuse, just reality. Need to get back to posting more often. But five years isn’t THAT long. 😜

Honestly, after starting at Microsoft in July of 2016 life has just been an incredibly fast paced journey. So much new learning to be done, so much to learn about Microsoft. I have been a Microsoft primary contact at a few other employers over the years and it was awesome learning how things work “inside”. What an amazing organization.

I’ll post more on my history over the past five years later, but…

Microsoft has started to roll out the new SharePoint Sites Content Page. REALLY cool, new feature that gives site owners (as well as visitors and members) a quick, dashboard view of what is going on within a site.

To me it looks like the Site Contents page on steroids and simplified. Some (if not all) of the metrics are rolling so it didn’t seem to me to have long-term metrics, but I only played with it for a few minutes.

For more information check out:


I totally forgot to transcribe my notes from Google I/O this year. All of my previous years are lost in the data migration gone bad from WordPress. Sorry. This will just be a high level set of my thoughts after seeing the keynote this year.

Google Assistant: Well it looks to me like Amazon Alexa or Google Now on steroids. Integration across all devices running Android. Add the new Google Home “speaker” device and you have a more generic version of the Amazon Echo or Tap. (I really like my Tap BTW.) The integration was impressive in the demos. …

Microsoft released Insider Build 14352 of Windows 10 today.

A lot of improvements to Ink and Sticky Notes as well as to more game support for Windows Game Bar (including Dota 2). The Windows Explorer folder icon is yellow now… that’s good because the current white one is kind of hard to see at times.

Also changes that make it easier to do upgrades on Windows Enterprise Edition. Check out the details here:

On December 18, 2015 Microsoft finally released the next-gen sync client for OneDrive / OneDrive for Business on the Mac. You can get it on the Apple Mac App Store. Just download the latest version (at least Version 17.3.6296).

When you launch it you may notice that you still can’t add multiple accounts. I’m not sure why Microsoft did it this way. It still defaults to a single Personal account.

To get it to work you must open the terminal shell (Terminal application). At the shell prompt enter the following command:

defaults write EnableAddAccounts -bool True

This will enable…

And fixing IconServicesAgent issues

I recently developed a few AppleScripts to do things that cause me issues when working for extended periods of time on my Macbook. Yes I know, “Macs know what they are doing… don’t mess with memory,” yet many times certain programs seem to leave memory hanging for hours. This is especially true for VMs (VMware Fusion, Parallels) and certain development tools. There are many opinions on why they cause memory to stay “wired” and I really don’t care at this point. Just wanted to be able to recover.

I use the purge shell command a lot. I also have…

What is Medium and why am I trying it?

Well… I don’t know. It looks simple. Much simpler than Wordpress. Also integrates nicely with Bootstrap (which I’m headed towards using for my website).

None of the old content is here. Much of it was corrupted from the Wordpress export. Sad. There was some good stuff there. Well we’ll start a new. I’m sure a lot of the old stuff wasn’t as relevant as I want to believe. :-) ~ Vince

Vince Arter, Jr.

Multi-discipline IT business leader with executive level, strategic, customer focused, program management, partner management, and broad architectural expertise

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